Golf trip


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I'm single, want to load up my golf clubs, and take a U.S. tour for about 2/3 years

What is best "B" type for single guy (small dinette/full size bed), good safe storage (golf clubs), good bath/shower, reliable and economical to operate??

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Golf trip

I don't think you'll find a 'good' bath/shower in any class B. :)

There is the Rialta (from Winnabago if I remember correctly) which I really liked except for the price. Then there is Pleasureway and other such 'van camper' specialists. As a final option, you can have Sportsmobile make up whatever you want.


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Re: Golf trip

I would recomend the Chinook though you can't get a new one anymore and they are kinda pricey. If you don't mind an older one the Mobile Traveler was a good one. Or if you want a small(real small) class A the old Cortez was a nice rig.