Good Sam Club or other club ???


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Hi All,

Now that we have bought the full size, we are thinking about joining a roadside service/camping discount club like Good Sam. Also we are wondering about the after purchase warranty companies. We bought a 3 year old-like new, Mobile Scout TT. Any advise or comments on the value of the either of these services? We will probably spend at least 6 weeks a year in the TT on the road (not at once)and hope to travel all over the U.S. This June we are going to Niagra Falls from Texas.

Thanks in advance for your advise/comments.



Gary B

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Good Sam Club or other club ???

Hi Dave, we are Life members of Good Sam club and think its worth it, you get a 10% discount at GS parks, we also have GS ERS, I think its one of the best, they know RV's thus theres not any questions if you need them. As for the continued service warrenties, we don't and wouldn't, but thats us, if you do go for one besure to read it at least 3 times and ask what they do & don't cover, this is one of the most contested, biggest misunderstood services that folks purchase. Many many times what you think and would seem natural to be covered is not. There of course folks that have had very good results. I don't know if you subscribe to Trailer life mag or not but it is a good mag. Hope this helps :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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Good Sam Club or other club ???

I have had Good Sam service for about 3 years and have needed them 4 or 5 times. They were johnny on the spot all the times. I figure I am using their money now. Two of the calls were in excess of $300 each. Nothing but good to say about them.
Also belong to the Good Sam Club.