Good Sam CSP????


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Has anyone had any experience with the Good Sam CSP (Continuing Service Plan), good or bad? It appears to provide 100% coverage for the RV chassis and house up to ten years. I'm generally opposed to extended warranties, but this one caught my eye, for some reason. Thank you.

Phil, Joyce, and Charlie the Sheltie Eog; '96 Bounder 36S towing an '89 Honda Accord

C Nash

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Good Sam CSP????

Not familiar with the Good Sam (CSP) but we'll bump it back to the top and maybe some one with experence about them will answer. I normally go against the ext. warranties and take my chances. I think if you save the money and put some back for those BIG emergencys you will be ahead. The way I look at it is, if the insurance co. was not making money off them they would quit selling the policies.

Chelse L. Nash