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Picked up a 1986 33' Diplomat MH on Tuesday in Indiana and brought it home to Detroit. Planned on leaving the following Friday to Atlantic City NJ and since I didn't have time to go through things decided to buy the Good Sam's ERS for $79. What a bargain. Threw the engine belts on the way home (the following Sunday) and with no spares had to get a tow. My only complaint was that they were moving me to a Campground, instead of a repair facility, and told me to call back on Monday for another tow to the repair facility. In many cases that may be convenient, to let you stay in your rig at a campground rate. However, I would have liked the option to go straight to the repair facility - the Good Sam operator refused. Turns out I had to anyway - the campground didn't have an end site, the tow truck couldn't get me in the one they had and I couldn't drive it because when removing the driveshaft the tow operator dropped two u-joint caps and lost some needle bearings. Bottom line, we spent the night in a nearby hotel to the repair facility, on our way the next day and had the peace of mind that everything would be handled when it broke down. Best $79. I ever spent.

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Good Sam's Emergency Road Srvc

Glad to hear that all turned out for the best! Its nice to heard good storys, we have Good Sam ERS also and thank goodness haven't needed it, but my reseach told me they were about the best. AAA really worked on me this year to go back with them, but in checking around some folks in different ares have problems with them when it comes to towing larger units etc., and they are a bit more money, althiugh I do like their trip planning / triptiks etc. :) :laugh: :cool: :approve:


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Good Sam's Emergency Road Srvc

Glad to hear another satisfied person with GOOD SAM ERS. I just joined Good Sam and was in the process of getting their ERS. Now I will. I am still a member of Camping World and have their ERS, but based last years first and only experience with them, I am cancelling my membership (or just not renewing).
The short of it was this...On the way to Florida for the winter stay, we were just inside the Florida boarder in the middle of the night and started smelling burning wires. The smell left soon thereafter and MH ran fine. We decided to stop at Camping World in Orlando since we were headed to Cocoa Beach....well, we got off the Florida Turnpike and after a few stops, the brakes started screaming when I would stop (many, many stop lights). I got to Camping World and requesed they look at the MH, the wire issue, but especially the brakes (safety). This was a Thursday AM stop there. Their responce was they could look at it the following week. Told them I was a Presient's Club member and got a "so what!" from service manager. Drove on to Cocoa Beach squealing all the way. Turns out, it mush have been some rust on the rotors. I contacted Camping World and basically got sluffed cancel I will.
Have still not figured out the wire burn smell....but I think it was caused by me. While driving I pushed the toggle switch to check battery conditions. Gauge did not register on aux bats and registered on engine bat then went flat. I read in Owner's manual after I got to Florida, that engine is suppose to be off to check conition of batteries using the gauge. :disapprove:
Anyway, tks for the positive post for GSERS.. :laugh: