Got it and am reading the manuals

Drove 7 miles back after picking up our first motor home. An 89 Pace Arrow which the door flew open the first stop because I didn't latch and lock it. Got my first horn honk at the stop as it takes time to get out of the driver's seat if you can't unlock it to swing around. But we made it back to our son's big driveway and the family came out and we knew we made a good choice. The Grandkids slept in it with us the first night and we were home. Now how do you adjust those Fleetwood mirrors? :eek: :laugh:
Re: Got it and am reading the manuals

Don't know about the mirrors, but you'd do well to camp in it in your driveway (if that's possible) a few days before venturing out....
Congrats on your new RV


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Re: Got it and am reading the manuals

Congratulations on your new camper! I have a 1002 Fleetwood Tioga Montara (class C) and adjusting the mirrors is a two person job -- and it has to be done often! Sit comfortably in the driver's seat with the passenger window rolled down and someone outside to adjust the mirror. A third person (a grandchild will do) to test your field of view in the mirror comes in handy!
Re: Got it and am reading the manuals

Thanks for the input. I tried very gently to move the one and it resisted so I stopped. Wondered if there was something to loosen? :eek: Have read all the manuals and nothing about the mirrors.