Got to tell one on a regular here!


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I just heard a little story about a nice guy who sells Gulfstream trailers!

Seems this feller got in a nice 2006, Gulfstream Sedona and liked it so much that while using it as a demo unit he also took the wife out a few times. Problem is that after a few months this guy really blew it and sold that durned trailer that his wife liked so much, to some part-time employee! Really upset the lady of the house the way I heard the story. Especially so when it turns out the 2007 was on the way and no longer had that floor plan available.

As I heard the story, this dealer fella finally got clear of that blamed doghouse by locating an new 2008 that he was able to sell momma on. Now being such a nice guy, I wouldn't even think of telling you which Virginia Gulfstream trailer sellin guy that may have been!

Sound like anyone we know?
Re: Got to tell one on a regular here!

Yea, and that part time employee (full time friend) wound up staying at the same campground Kirk is. Just can't believe how small the world is.

Kirk, if I knew this was going to happen, he could have brought you some Reliable!

Wife is real happy with her trailer now. :laugh:


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Re: Got to tell one on a regular here!

Does Linda know her new trailer is posted on your web site as "for sale"?

DL Rupper

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Re: Got to tell one on a regular here!

Great NEW picture Kirk.

Hey Kenneth, guess you know how to make the right moves. My wife loves our "old" RV so I have to buy bling.


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Re: Got to tell one on a regular here!


I didn't realize that Lawrence had given away the secret before I made the post. They are good folks and are parked just across the parking area from us for the next three months. He told about how he came to buy the Sedona and it suddenly struck me, he's from Virginia!

On the picture, I never was really happy about that first one but it was about all that I had at the time. Happened to run across this one and it is several years newer too. Once a guy retires it seems you stay much to busy to get things like that done!
Re: Got to tell one on a regular here!

They had sent me an e-mail, but I did not see before you posted here. They could not believe, LIKE ME, that you knew who I was. Like I said, this is a small world, I and I just realized how true that statement is.

Lawrence called me today about his local channels, but I don't think I was able to help much.