GPS systems


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I am looking into getting a GPS system for use in my RV. I have a notebook computer and found a program that my son suggested.
It is Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005 GPS Locator. It seems I can just hook it into my computer. I've read over some reviews that are saying great hardward but poor software. Has anyone heard of used this one, or does someone have a suggestion for any other GPS sytems that I could look into?
One other thing I am looking into purchasing is an RV cover, does anyone have suggestions on the best cover for a 31' class C RV?
GPS systems

I have used the Streets and Trips for 2 years with a GPS. I recently switched to Delorme. I prefer the Delorme because of the voice prompts while driving. However I recently took our motor home to Canada and Alaska and the Streets And Trips had more Street details. For travel in the Lower 48 Delorme has it way over Streets and Trips
GPS systems

I use my Dell Axim (older X5) with the Compact Flash version of the Garmin cfQUE. Mapsource CD. I have travelled all across Canada and load the US cities I need. I even went 500 miles in England this summer - 2 wrong turns, not bad for being on the wrong side of the road!

anyway - Dell now has the X50 and Garmin was bought at

I am extremely happy, the portability is great, no heavy laptop and it talks me right to where I need to go.

The biggest limitation is map coverage, if you are out in the boonies, only major roads are covered. In a city, not a problem at all.

Good luck looking.