Grand Opening


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Grand Opening

This is just one more commercial for a place to sell books. Has nothing at all to do with RVing and is a site with a lot of gimmicks but no real content except attempts to sell books. Most seem to be "bodice busters!"

What a bunch of trash.
Grand Opening

chill out there, kirky. It's about time someone comes up with a mystery about rv'ers and on the road. Tell me, before you were so quick to judge this woman's writing as "trash" did you bother to read it? You might learn something about LITERARY WORKS. It has everything to do with rv'ing. I for one have sent all my rv caravaners to her site. Tsk, tsk on the green eyed monster. :bleh:

Sam from Omaha
Grand Opening

Good for you, Sam :) I agree wholeheartedly. April Star, you're a wonder! Your site is professionally designed and I commend you and thank you for writing a series on the life of us rv'ers. You go, girl. I also have directed my rv friends and my family to your site. What intriguing reads :blush: Mary Beth and Jack Rogers from Grand Rapids soon to be On The Road Again in their new Adventurer reading the first in this excellent series ;)