Great New Campground In LA


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Its been about a month now since we purchased our new TT. We have been able to go camping at least twice with it. WE REALLY LOVE IT. We found a campground that is about 1hr and 45 minutes away from home and its brand new and loaded with things for the kids to do and the folks in the campground are so nice. This has been such a great experience for us. My hubby wants to go almost every weekend now. Not only are the folks at this campground very, very helpful and nice; all the campers are just so nice and polite and friendly. We felt like we were among family. Both times that we have gone to this campground we have found folks that live not far from the small town where we live. Camping in our TT is a new experience for us and it looks like we are going to love it. We have had some bad luck lately around here,,,,,nothing horrible, but enough where it makes you want to get away. Its so nice to be able to go somewhere and be with such fun folks. My kids really enjoyed it to. I'm not sure if this is allowed on this site, but if anyone wants to know of a great place in Louisiana to go camping, drop me a line. I have no interest in this site and don't know anyone who does. It's in a town called Amite. If you want more information,,,,e-mail me at
Thanks for all the helpful hints and answering my many questions. Can't wait to go camping again. The kids love it so much.....We have canceled our vacation plans to go to San Antonio, Texas. We are going to the campground instead,,,,,,,,Yippie,,,,going to save lots of money,,,,,,, :laugh: One happy Mom,,I can tell you that....Always looking for ways to cut corners.......well,,,,till next time.....
:cool: the way,,,,,,we caught a flat tire on the interstate on the truck, (pick up a big nail somewhere), that was no fun. Those cars kept passing faster and faster,,,,,it was really scarey,,,,I was so scared for my hubby. I hope we never have that happen again,,,at least not late at nite...... :approve: