Greetings from Australia

Hi from downunder,

Just joined your forum and am enjoying reading the contributions - many problems we have in common. What is dis-similar is the term "trailer" - we call a towed RV a caravan, and we are only just seeing a growth in popularity of 5th wheelers, many of which are imports from US and Canada.
If anybody has queries on RVing in Oz, maybe someone wants to do swaps for travelling in each others countries, or perhaps just seeking general infothere is a website on MSN called Caravaners Forum[/i].

Look fwd to reading more on
Captain Crayfish

John Harrelson

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Greetings from Australia

Hello Capt.

I just visited your site and it looks pretty good... Of course I'll have to get used to the spelling of some words and the meaning of some words and phrases that you folks use.

But, what the hey ?? if you guys can understand our slang, we sure as heck can learn yours as well...

As the general said.... I shall return ...


C Nash

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Greetings from Australia

Welcome aboard Captain. Will be great to hear from down under but, hope your ship has't sunk :( . Glad you gave us the meaning of a caravan. If you had said you had hooked up your caravan, i would have thought you were leading a group and going somewhere :laugh:
Greetings from Australia

Howdy Chelse (See I can speak your language) or "G'day" as we say it (remember Croc Dundee),
Over here if you hitch up your trailer you're probably going to take a load of rubbish (refuse?) to the tip (disposal site). :) .
I have a 17ft caravan (trailerhome?) which we tow behind a Ford Falcon Sedan (250cu inch inline 6) and currently are living in the caravan whilst we buid our new home down in the Margaret River Wine Region (Robert Mondavi knows it well).
I have a niece in NJ and I've visited and toured NY state, DC, Pen, Colorado - Boulder,Estes Park, over the G/Divide, Canon City, Royal Gorge, Twin Lakes, and then Nevada (Lake Tahoe, Reno, Truckee and south) and parts of California (Sacramento,SF,Yosemite, Monterey, Carmel and inland from there. Thats just some of the names that I rememeber really easily. Absolutely loved it all and am trying to persuade friends to come back over and do a circuit including some of the Southern States. Recently we travelled around Australia - 20,000kms and need to head on out again and cover all the places that we missed. Some folk have been on the road many years just trying to do that. Generally retirees (referred to as Gray Nomads).
Safe travelling to you folk