Group Buy on Hellwig Sway Bars?

My husband bought a front anti-sway bar for our Workhorse W22 chassis a week ago...and he loves it. So, I called the company that we purchased it from back inquiring about a rear bar. We got to talking about RVing and I mentioned this forum and they said that if people were interested they would give us group pricing on Motorhome anti-sway bars. The deal they quoted me was $339.64 for the rear W22 bar which retails for $536.63. They are willing to include different bars in the deal(since they realize not everyone has the same motorhome), but there has to be at least 10 bars purchased total. So, if anyone is interested let me know what chassis you have and I will get you a price on it. Once we have at least 10 people that are interested I will arrange payment with everyone. I am thinking either you can pay through paypal or send a check. We can work that out when we see if anyone is interested. I was told that after we place our order the bars will be shipped directly from Hellwig and should take no more than 5 days to be shipped. they will be shipped the same day if Hellwig has them in stock. You can check out Hellwig's website for more product information. I noticed that they don't have all of their motorhome applications listed on the site though. I have one of their new motorhome catalogs, so if you don't see your motorhome listed let me know and I can tell you the part #.
Group Buy on Hellwig Sway Bars?

Did this correct the wandering problem completely or did you also have to purchase the Safe T Plus? We have the wandering problem and are interested but still looking to see if it really works prior to spending that kind of money. Is this something that your husband installed himself?
Group Buy on Hellwig Sway Bars?

We already had a Safe-t-Plus on our coach before we installed the anti-sway bars. The thing we notice most about the bars is that it corners much better, I can actually lay in bed in the back without all the sway tossing me around, passing trucks and wind don't seem to be such an issue anymore, and our car tows much better. Also, to answer your question, my husband did unstall the bar himself. It took him about an 1-1/2 - 2 hrs.