GTS Installs new Innsbruck 36FRS with front queen


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Check out the photos (10 images included in 1 jpeg) at

We have only been in "The Teacher's Lounge" long enough to inspect it and to unpack about 20 tubs, but we're looking forward to heading "back to the lake" as soon as possible to finish moving in to our weekend, seasonal home! Grandview Trailer Sales (GTS) has been awesome to work far, we are very happy with his sales and service.

The Teacher’s Lounge (co-owned by two teachers)
Innsbruck 36FRS Supreme with Front Queen
Ordered from Grandview Trailer Sales in Bedford, VA on 1/15/2007
Installed at Eagle’s Roost Campground in Moneta, VA by Grandview Trailer Sales on 3/14/2007

Picture 1
“They’re here! They’re here!”

Picture 2
Kenneth Hurt, owner of Grandview Trailer Sales, looks at the spot where we want him to put “The Teacher’s Lounge.”

Picture 3
Kenneth and Brian measure the lay of the land while NA looks on.

Picture 4
Drew and I get back to work on the retaining wall.

Picture 5
Kenneth (aka GTS) spreads the gravel some more.

Picture 6
Kenneth (aka GTS) spreads the gravel even more, by hand this time.

Picture 7
They decide to come across a vacant site next door. Kenneth, NA, and Brian are careful not to drag the bottom or to knock the sides at all.

Picture 8
Kenneth checks the position. Notice how the awning comes right to the edge of the deck – just like we wanted! They had to remove a stabilizer jack to get past a support post for the deck. The customer service we have received throughout this entire process has been incredible!

Picture 9
Kenneth jacks an axle up enough to remove a guiding board to replace it with a shorter board to look nicer and still help distribute the pressure from the tires.

Picture 10
We present “The Teacher’s Lounge.” We will remove the gravel in front of the sliding glass door and put down a patio rug. We’re also looking for cement or fiberglass steps to install there permanently. The back door (leading to the master bedroom) steps right off on to the deck.


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RE: GTS Installs new Innsbruck 36FRS with front queen

Looks like a nice place for the teachers lounge!(I'm a bus driver and we need one of these lounges too!) I wish that I lived near GTS so I could look at all those new Gulfstreams. Hope you all send pictures in the summer.

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Re: GTS Installs new Innsbruck 36FRS with front queen

Sounds like a HAPPY CAMPER. :) :laugh: I checked the photos out and that looks like Service spelled with a capitol "S". Nice looking Trailer. Enjoy.


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Re: GTS Installs new Innsbruck 36FRS with front queen

Could not agree more DL. It's one thing to sell them and work on them. But that's over the top on service. Oh by the way, nice tractor. Bet Ken can't guess what kind of tractor I run. :laugh:

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Re: GTS Installs new Innsbruck 36FRS with front queen

Wife and I went to see her mother this weekend and I just found this. Thanks a lot Becky. We like to here from happy customers.

Yea, Butch I like my Kubota. Wish trucks were as trouble free. Bought it in '96. The only thing I have done to it is change the oil and filters regularly and put in one battery.