Guidance re need to pre-book campsites, summer


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Our family(we're from England, with two sons of 15,17) will be touring in a hired 32 ft rv in August for two weeks in New England. I've booked already two nights at Bar Harbor, but am unsure if I should reserve sites for most of the route (we're travelling clock wise up from New York (where we pick up the rv) towards Franconia, east through New Hampshire to the coast, then down the Maine coast towards Boston. I've no idea if we should just book for weekend dates, or will our choice be very limited re. free spaces at campsites in August if we don't pre-book? Grateful for any advice....


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Re: Guidance re need to pre-book campsites, summer

Hello, Sue! Welcome to the forum!

I don't have a lot to say about New England and your trip there, but you sure are missing a lot of the USA!

I hope you get another 2 weeks 'Holiday' and come and see Texas next time! (I heard there's still a little room up Northwest of Houston. Shhhhh! Don't let anyone know!) :laugh:

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Re: Guidance re need to pre-book campsites, summer

Hey Midways, welcome to the forum. Not sure about reservations. We are going to be up there looking for camping spots too. We have all Summer and are more flexible, so we will probably find something available. Since you are pressed for time it probably would be a good idea to get reservations. :)


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Re: Guidance re need to pre-book campsites, summer

When I didn't have any particular schedule or need of hookups, I just started looking for a place when I felt like it. Worked ok, although I have had to spent a few nights at rest stops. Now that I have to have hookups (for medical equipment), I always make sure I have the next night's stay lined up in advance.

Also, on my recent trip to Salem, MA (New England), I found the campgrounds to be smaller, fewer, more expensive and further from the interstates.

So I would suggest making reservations for any place you want to stay a while (I recommend Winter Island Park, right on the ocean off the coast of Salem, MA) as far in advance as practical, and each nights stay reserved at least before you leave for it, so you can adjust your plans as needed.