Gulf Stream Factory after Tornado in Indiana

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Hey kenneth (GTS), what's the story on Gulf Stream? The news concerning the Indiana Tornado last week said the Gulf Stream Factory was hit. :question:
Re: Gulf Stream Factory after Tornado in Indiana

The plant was hit, but no one was hurt. I read from the Internet that 100-120 trailers that were sitting outside were damaged. Plants were supposed be back up and running today. Yesterday the office was on generator, but I think that power has been restored now.

A lot of clean up has to be done. The Hardees sign that was a 1/4 mile away was found in their parking lot.

I have not asked, but wonder about the Louisville Show units. Both Motorized and Towables. I know they were building them. Should have started shipping in a couple of weeks.

Franklin, which was in the middle of the Gulf Stream facilities, was totally destroyed. I wonder if they will rebuild.
Re: Gulf Stream Factory after Tornado in Indiana

Had a driver deliver a trailer today from Gulf Stream and got a perspective from someone who has seen it.

About 300 yards from Gulf Streams main office there WAS an Arbys, McDonalds, and a new Safeway grocery store. The Safeway had been opened 2 weeks, it is gone. McDonalds was about a year old, it is gone. Arbys took a lot of damage.

Right down the road from Arbys there is a railroad crossing. They think that is the touchdown point. The gates at the crossing have not been found along with a 100 feet of the TRACK itself. Yep, the TRACK was torn out of the ground and they don't know where it is. That blows my mind.

Between the Arbys and the Railroad crossing WAS Franklin. Gone. I did find out they had some plants in Etna Green (about 20 miles away), and can start up there fairly quickly. He did not know what they would do.

Across the road from the Gulf Stream office was a building they built motorhomes in. It was destroyed. Now, here is the hard part to believe. They have crews working 24-7 and they say the building will be REBUILT by next Friday.

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RE: Gulf Stream Factory after Tornado in Indiana

Kenneth, that sounds like a big touch down. It's hard to believe that Gulf Stream can rebuild that quickly.

Thanks for the update. I was wondering what had happened. It's good you weren't up there taking delivery of 1 of your RV's.
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I forgot to say this driver said that the FIRST touchdown was estimated to be 175MPH winds. They determined that there were 2 tornados. No one else has said that.