Gulf Stream nightmare


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.In April of 2006 - I purchase a Gulf Stream Ultra Super-C. I found that the rear bumper was very rusty and the backup camera did not work. The dealer said this would be fixed before pickup which was in two weeks. I called three days before pickup to make sure it was done

On the first pickup the bumper was not done. It was fixed while I waited seeing it was welded on. They painted over the rust. The stove burners would not light the igniter was not wired right and some trim was hanging off this was also fixed while I waited.

Then I bring the unit home. Now I find the cable for the TV was not run or hooked up. None of the speakers for the DVD player were hooked up The DVD player is not even plugged in and the plug is not associable. I can, t plug it in. The hydriodic florid is 2 inches low and the window washer is empty I fill the washer and call Long View they pickup RV and had it for 5 days. Long View drops off RV.

The next morning I find my DC water pump has pumped my water tank water into my bedroom about 30 gallons I need to wet vac 1/2inch of water off the bedroom floor. Called long view to bring unit back to dealer. RV will not start use emergency start switch. Unit has a ground. Dealer has RV for 3 days I all so called the gulf stream factory customer service. They don’t seem to care.
Dealers brings RV back.

It rained two days later. The back bedroom widow and livingroom window leaks badly bedroom floor wet again also part of the ceiling in a cabinet is coming down. Also I found a large metal plate out side under RV that is bent and twisted. Above hydriodic unit .I call Long View they come to get RV .It does not start Another dead battery /ground I call Gulf stream again no one answers the phone or return my calls after many tries I get a Loary Kaler who listens but cant help.

The longView service tech tells me that the ground cant be fond and its in acceptable limits and there not looking for it this time . It takes 2 ½ to 3 days to drain the cab battery if I don’t start it every day . How can this be acceptable? The bent metal is a protective plate and will not affect anything . Looks like it was installed with a sledgehammer and crow bar. 100k for this kind of work

How long before my bumper rots out I get mold under the cabinets and the battery dies. Some time after the warranty is up.

. All these problems and I have not had it out of the driveway other then to bring it back to the dealer. I AM afraid to take it on a long trip .I have not gotten any Info on road service or number to call if it brakes down. But Loary Keler says I have Emergency coverage.

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Gulf Stream nightmare

Sorry to hear about your problems, but the biggest one seems to be your dealer. All the things you listed should have been taken care of after the Predelivery Inspection. I am sure you paid for one(check your paper work). Warranty(I'm assuming it is new)would pay for the dealership to do all the repairs. If I were you, I would call Gulfstream and have them find you a reputable dealer to handle your repairs.