Gulf Stream?

We are looking for a 5th wheel for full time RVing. After the advice of a few, we looked at the Gulf Stream, and feel the are not well made in comparison to the Forest Rivers, the sinks and faucet in the bath were plastic, cabinet doors were cheap. Was I looking at the wrong one? It was a Sandpiper, not the floor plan we wanted, but we thought we could get an idea of the construction of them. The others are our list were Forest River, and Keystone. Any help? We just want one that will fit our needs and LAST.
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We have a Gulfstream Innsbruck and are very happy with our 5th wheel. Although I'm sure a top of the line Gulfstream like the Prairie Schooner would be more suitable for full timing, ours is great for ourneeds. The one thing that I really like is the separate bathroom that ours has. I really don't like the shower/sink in the bedroom thing. Our friends bought their 5th wheel at the same time we did and they went with the higher priced Forest River. In the two years that we have both had our campers their Forest River has been in the dealer 3 times. Leaks, slide wouldn't work, and fresh water holding tank problems. Ours was in this week for a recall on the fridge. That's the only problem we have had. I'm sure the higher end Gulfstream has alot better quality materials in it than our Innsbruck but still we have had no problems at all so they must have done something right! After seeing all the things wrong with the Forest River that brand camper would be on the bottom of my list. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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Hey sparefamily, welcome to the forum. Before you spend big bucks on a Forest River take a look at the Forest River Issues post. :(
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I don't understand your question, it sounds like you think Sandpiper is made by Gulf Stream. If I am wrong, sorry. Sandpiper is Forest River.

If you want a full time Fifth Wheel, I would recommend Gulf Stream's Canyon Trail, Canyon Trail Sedona Edition or Prairie Schooner. IF you look at the way the whole trailer is made, it will blow others, not out of the water, but out of the ocean.

Look at the Vacuum Bonded walls. There are 4 Vacuum bonding machines in the world. At about a million and a half each, Gulf Stream owns 2 of them. Most others pinch roll. Our walls are R-10. A friend of mine has a$120,000Teton, his walls are R-8.

Gulf Stream uses 12 gallon water heaters, Sedona Edition and up. Gulf Stream uses 42,000btu furnaces. Underbellys, like everyone else, are "heated and enclosed". What Gulf Stream does that sets them apart, is they insulate the underbelly and take TWO 1.5" lines off the furnace and blow into the underbelly. Everyone else lets the radiant heat off the tubes heat the underbelly.

Look at the total insulation numbers on the trailer. Gulf Stream's are some of the best insulated on the market.

Gulf Streams Slideouts are the Tallest, Deepest and Strongest in the industry.

Find a dealer that knows his product (or call me) and they will sell you a Gulf Stream.
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:eek: :eek: :eek: WOW! I can't believe it! Am I so glad you posted! There wasn't a saleman out with us, and for some reason, I assumed this lot was only selling Gulf Stream! Thank you so very much! I initially was looking at the Sedona w/ bunks, so now that is where we will probable end up. Again, thank you so much!
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Gulf Stream are good people...many of the builders are...some are not. Buy a good company. Same goes for dealers. All companies make a poor product or two it's just how often and how they stand behind them that counts. The national sales manager for Gulf Stream towables sleeps with my sister...has for over 25 years...they have a great marriage and he is a fine person.(so is my sister)..Baskerville...don't waste his time on little dealer fixable things, but if you run into a wall, ask for him when you contact the factory in northern Indiana.

Keep your RVing fun..... :) :) :)
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The man he mentions is a great friend of mine, used to be my salesman for Amerilite and Conquest. I also know his wife. Partied with them the first of June at the Gulf Stream Open House. He is the National Sales Manager for Kingsport. Great guy, but not the one you want to talk to at the factory about the Luxury Towables. He would probably take the time to talk to you, but just not his product.


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If you are anywhere near GTS or want to visit VA, I suggest you deal with him! I bought a park trailer from him this spring and have gotten top notch service from him all along the way!