Gulfstream BT cruiser

Hey there,
I am thinking about buying a new BT cruiser model 5211.
Should I have the driver convenience package??
How important is the ladder and backup camera?
Can I add it later if the dealer doesn't have the model with package?
How expensive to add camera & ladder?
Anyone out there with this RV? Any advice?
I am a 1st time RVer.
Help please.
Gulfstream BT cruiser

Hey there,
I am thinking about buying a new BT cruiser model 5211.
Should I have the driver convenience package?? New Get everything you want.
How important is the ladder, Very handy to gain access to your roof units and if you have rails it makes easy access for putting things on the roof if your roof is rated for load carrying, check with the dealer. and backup camera don't have one but thats what the wife does for me, is directs me back of course shee gets excited sometimes and at time gets wet but a pair of walkie talkies for 40 bucks is money well spent. ?Can I add it later if the dealer doesn't have the model with package? Yes but its an expensive add on.
I am a 1st time RVer.
Help please.
Hmmmmm! Let's see a newbie, boy I could have some fun here but I can't do that. Welcome to the world of the not so simple life, just kidding it is well spent time.

First off we always drain and flush our gray and black water tanks at the campground. Then we add some chemicals and a little water to our black tank so it will slosh around on the way home. If you don't dump and prep your black water tank you will have a stinker when you decide to use it again.

As to the fresh water tank, if the home has been setting a while, you may want to put a cup or two of plain clorox in it then fill it up . Let it set for a few hours and then turn on the faucets to flush out the sytems. Then drain the tank. If you use city water normally you have enough chlorine in the water to suffice unless you plan on laying it up for some time then you need to add some.

Fuel, always fill up when you come back home, one it helps keep condensate from forming and two when you get the urge you are ready to go. For a long layup you should add some stabilizer to the fuel.

Hoses, get a couple sections of potable water hose from Wal Mart. Normally a 10 foot section works well but we carry a 10 and a 20 just for grins.

Sewer hoses keep two lengths handy with a coupler. Rinse them when through. Keep a pair of rubber glove handy when fooling with them cause a small scratch can get infected from the poopee.

Electrical make sure you have the adapters to get from 50 amp to 30 amp and 30 amp tp 20 amp. most camp grounds have 30 or 50 available but you never know.

Not knowing how you are set up as far as frig, heat, A/C can't make any suggestions.

Keep a good Atlas, a magnifying glass and trust me get a good compass because sometimes you will get on some back roads in this beautiful country of ours and get turned slap dab around. a dash mount works fine.

Get ready to enjoy your self and don't get in a hurry to get some where. Plan your trips on the easy side. Several reasons, you get in a hurry and you miss so much, take the senic route. The other resaon is the difference in 55 MPH and 70 MPH is probably 1 1/2 to 2 miles per gallon difference and when you only get 5 to 7 on a good day it means you can travel more. We went from 4 miles per gallon on a gas burner at 65 MPH to almost 7 miles per gallon at 55. Let the hot rods go, you will be passing them up everytime they stop to fuel up.

As for the tow trailer, make sure you have a good hitch and watch for the semi's passing their draft will cause some swing and sway. You may look into a sway stabilizer ofter a few trips.

Again welcome
Gulfstream BT cruiser

Thanks for the info.
I really would like to know about the benefits of a ladder and backup camera.
I wonder if I should get a conversion van instead of a small
21 foot RV.
Is anyone there?

C Nash

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Gulfstream BT cruiser

Hard to say which would best suit your needs. That's a decision you'll have to make based on number of people, pets and luggage you'll be hauling. Go to shows, talk to owners and read all the info you get of these boards. Remember what fits ones needs might not be for you. Good luck
Gulfstream BT cruiser

Mallory, after 4 yrs full timing in a 35' Class A we left the road due to some medical issues. Rather than give up the life fully, we bought a used Pleasureway conversion (Class B) and are quite happy with it for weekend and all summer trips. Obviously we dont have the storage but we dont need it any more and the bathroom can be a bit tight however it has many advantages i.e. gas mileage, use as a 2nd vehicle, can park it in our drive and not violate neighborhood covenannts against campers, parks easily and can go places we could never consider in the big unit. :laugh:
Gulfstream BT cruiser

My friend thinks its foolish to purchase a new RV.
He may be right $50,000 is a lot of money when you
may travel a couple times a year.
I just looked at a 24 foot Dutchman Express 1999 with 43,000 miles
on it and the cabin is in good shape. I would have to check
on the engine.
What do you think I should pay on a 1999?
Thank you for your advice.
Gulfstream BT cruiser

Check the various internet RV sales sites. There are a ton of good deals out there. Survey these sites (including ebay) and you will get a good handle on market prices. If buying used, always go for the top of the line in any particular model. :cool:
Gulfstream BT cruiser

The wife and I looked for several months at used RV's and wound up with a vintage 1979 Foretravel which was the top of the line in the day. Dual AC, Ducted furnace,frig, ice maker, stove, oven, microwave even has a blender built into the counter top. No press board, all cherry wood paneling and I could go on but I won't.

My suggestion would be to look at some of the older RV's that were the top of the line and the difference in amenities and workmanship will surprise you. And the great thing is you have a lot of extra cash to spend traveling.

As to making a few trips a year, there is something your friend hasn't taken into consideration is that it's contagious as all get out. While driving home you will find yourself thinking about and sometimes planning the next trip.

Wish you the best.
RE: Gulfstream BT cruiser


I have a BT Cruiser 5211.
No way would I buy it w/o a backup camera. It is so handy esp. if you are by yourself. We rented a RV to see if we liked it and went to Chicago. It didn't have a BU camera...... not good, one time when the wife got tired of jumping out to look, I almost backed into a car...
Also I wouldn't want to get on the roof with a ladder and have it slide out on me. The attached ladder is safer.
We like our BT cruiser but it is getting too small for us as grandkids want to go too so we are selling it.
Only complaint I have with this model is the black & grey water tanks are small & I modified the battery to 6V for more longer lasting power.



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Re: Gulfstream BT cruiser

HI Ken, any info old or new is great, I remember going back into the archives to check out every thing, boy did I learn alot,
have a great day and keep warm