gulfstream fifthwheel crack

I bought a 2004 Gulfstream 36 ft. fifth wheel and very soon had a crack from the bedroom slide-out. Over two years, it was repaired twice, supposedly according to Gulfstream instructions for this 'COMMON' problem. The 1ft. by 1 1/2 ft patch was visible, but I would accept that just to end the struggle. Well, the split is back. I get the 'run-around' from Gulfstream most of the time I call and now The representitive doesn't know when He 'might' call me back.If it were not for the patient folks at rv 101 in Arizona, I wouln't have gotten anywhere with Gulfstream. Any one else have a slide crack or know someone who does?
gulfstream fifthwheel crack

I have not seen one cracked, but know of the situation. It is not just Gulf Stream. It is a crack in the narrow body area under and just in front of the bedroom slide. It is in the fiberglass, not through the wall. The trailers I have seen have a vertical stress relief cut in the fiberglass and covered with a strip of molding.

I do not know anything about a 1' x 1.5' patch, the area I am talking about is just about 6" tall.
gulfstream fifthwheel crack

Thanks for a reply. The crack starts ib the lower front corner and runs diagnal towards the front. My first entry on this subject was very condensed. Just looking for others with the same experience and how they made the repair. Grandwiew, I will send you info directly.