Gulfstream streamlite 30QBSS


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Anyone have one of these trailers? I was looking to buy a 2007 one but can't find one to look at beforehand. Anyone have one or know anything about them or streamlite or gulfstream in general? I saw one post by someone who complained about Gulfstream but there is always one bad one in a crowd. If I had seen dozens of bad posts I may have been worried. Anyone having some knowledge about this please Respond ASAP. Thank you Steven


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RE: Gulfstream streamlite 30QBSS

Sorry but last part of post should be respond ASAP Thank you Steven

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Re: Gulfstream streamlite 30QBSS

I sell Gulf Stream towables, including the Stream Lite. I don't have a 30QBSS, but do have a 22 and 26' in stock.

Gulf Stream has really improved the Stream Lite over the last couple of years. They started the Stream Lite name several years ago and it was OK. About 3 years ago they hired a team to revamp them. That team changed over 80 items, they only dedicate room in the brochure to 50 of the changes. Now they are great, VERY value driven trailers.

Part of the revamp was a factory of their own, building only the Stream Lite, Gulf Breeze, Mini SLand Emerald Bay. The whole team in that building is very proud of what they build and the trailers show it. There are many standard features that the competition charge extra for. Coming out at the end of the month, in Louisville, are several changes, including sofa slide outs changing to superslides, new floor plans and more that I don't know about. They started out with a creme interior, now they have 2 more interiors with Maple/Cherry wood trim.

IF you live any where near VA, I would be happy to talk to you more.