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.In April of 2006 - I purchase a Gulf Stream Ultra Super-C. I found that the rear bumper was very rusty and the backup camera did not work. The dealer said this would be fixed before pickup which was in two weeks. I called three days before pickup to make sure it was done

On the first pickup the bumper was not done. It was fixed while I waited seeing it was welded on. They painted over the rust. The stove burners would not light the igniter was not wired right and some trim was hanging off this was also fixed while I waited.

Then I bring the unit home. Now I find the cable for the TV was not run or hooked up. None of the speakers for the DVD player were hooked up The DVD player is not even plugged in and the plug is not associable. I can, t plug it in. The hydriodic florid is 2 inches low and the window washer is empty I fill the washer and call Long View they pickup RV and had it for 5 days. Long View drops off RV.

The next morning I find my DC water pump has pumped my water tank water into my bedroom about 30 gallons I need to wet vac 1/2inch of water off the bedroom floor. Called long view to bring unit back to dealer. RV will not start use emergency start switch. Unit has a ground. Dealer has RV for 3 days I all so called the gulf stream factory customer service. They don’t seem to care.
Dealers brings RV back.

It rained two days later. The back bedroom widow and livingroom window leaks badly bedroom floor wet again also part of the ceiling in a cabinet is coming down. Also I found a large metal plate out side under RV that is bent and twisted. Above hydriodic unit .I call Long View they come to get RV .It does not start Another dead battery /ground I call Gulf stream again no one answers the phone or return my calls after many tries I get a Loary Kaler who listens but cant help.

The longView service tech tells me that the ground cant be fond and its in acceptable limits and there not looking for it this time . It takes 2 ½ to 3 days to drain the cab battery if I don’t start it every day . How can this be acceptable? The bent metal is a protective plate and will not affect anything . Looks like it was installed with a sledgehammer and crow bar. 100k for this kind of work
All these problems and I have not had it out of the driveway other then to bring it back to the dealer. I AM afraid to take it on a long trip .I have not gotten any Info on road service or number to call if it brakes down. But Loary Keler says I have Emergency coverage.

How long before my bumper rots out I get mold under the cabinets and the battery dies. Some time after the warranty is up.

First Trip to Vermont
AS I drive to Vermont I find that most of the cabinets wont stay closed and keep swinging open with every tarn and bump so bad it cracks the mirror on the bed room cabinet I tie them closed with small bungee. The RV sways so mach Im afraid it will tip over .The shower leaks I fix the shower with silicon sealant. The next week longView fixes the ground it was a bad battery . He tells me to replace all the cabinet laches with better ones . The ones Gulf Stream used are cheap and it’s a common problem with Gulfstream cabinets He fixes the leaking windows. I fix the mirror. And use the bungees for the cabinets and spend a lot to put in airbag on the leafsprings to help stop the swaying

Second trip to Cap cod
It rained the windows still leak there are 3 of them now plus three storage compartment that leak I fix one of the storage compartments . the air bags help the swaying

Trip # 3 Outer Banks N.C.
Its hot I need the generator it only runs for 5 min till it shuts off restart run 5 min stops no air for me.. It rained out side and in side the RV my matters is wet the contertop flooded and I have a stream -spring coming out under the shower. Its back to the dealer

Adding to these problems I find my warranty on the drive train and cab is for a 2005. I check car using my vin# it says I have a 2005 # 1gbe5u1e1f516479

The dealer and Gulf Stream say it’s a 2006 and this is legal. Even if its legal its deceptive. I feel I paid for A 2006 and got a 2005./Lemmon

Charles L. Downer
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Re: GulfStream Ultra Super C

Dear Charles, I am glad you have shared your experience about GulfStream. I am just about to purchase a new one. I had my issues with my Lexington ( issue regarding the year, refrigiator didn't function, smog came into the cabin from generator, rain run into the cabin, slide compartment didn't work, miserable service at McMahons in Colton and Irvine). Burbank's RV place Metro RV saved me from a total disaster and helped to fight for the waranty works and so on. Many hours and phone calls over 3 months took me to get the lemon law working for my RV. Still I wanted to have a better RV and liked the Vista Cruiser Mini 4230. After all what I was reading about the diesel problem and GulfStream, I am not so sure that I want to get started with the entier circus again. Again, thanks for sharing your experinece. Mattie

DL Rupper

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Re: GulfStream Ultra Super C

Interesting. :evil: I'm starting to like my "95" 5'er even better. I haven't had that many problems in 12 years of ownership and replacement of many worn out appliances. New sounds scary :dead:
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It is interesting that this was dug up 7 months after it was posted. I know people at Gulf Stream and a few at Long View. I did not believe him then, and I still don't.

This guy has only posted 2 posts and he did not get much response to this.

I don't sell their motorhomes, but the guys I deal with are a great group and they are committed to servicing what they sell.

C Nash

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Does make you wonder about these that only post their problems and then are never heard from again :( I have owned all kinds of rvs and yes there have been problems but if I had as many as some folks I don't think it would be worth the trouble to rv. There are lemons in all makes and they should be replaced with new units if repairs are not as good as new. A lot of times it is the way we approach the problems that causes trouble. Expect problems and you want be dissapointed but the quality control of these things should be better for the prices we pay.
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You are complitely right. I love to RV and now that I have made my first experience and know what to ask and look for when I am buying my new RV I am not scared so much anymore. I have just seen the comments and started to understand what happened to me at all. I was glad I found the place was responsible fixing things for me and help me to get actually most of the waranty things fixed for me and I remeber that they even have told me that for the refirgiator waranty work they had to wait a year to get paid. In the main time I enjoyed RV-ing and blessed this RV place. Metro RV in Burbank California. Thank for them again. I am going to shop for my new RV in February this year and who ever is taking my Forst River Lexington 2005 is gone make a great deal with it. Everything is perfectly fixed and I put in a lots of extras. Thanks for your comment. Csopi/ Mattie
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My nightmaire continus
Trip to Canada
I get to Maine before things go bad. A large sheet metal. shield between the drive shaft and floor comes down and is rubbing on the drive shaft lots of sparks !! I wage it up. Dealer fixes when I get home.
Year 2 its April getting ready to leave for florida My warranty is over this month it’s a year old
The cab battery keeps going dead after 12 or 14 hours unless I open the moterhome battery disconet or start the engine every day this is even if its plugged in. Seeing its does not happen when the disconnect is open there most be a ground in the home side I had this problem before. And they replaced the battery for the cab this is not the problem. Also after siting all winter the hydriodic levelers go down but keep shutting off going up . I hope this is just from sitting but IAM afraid to try again if thy go down but not up IAM stoke its back to the dealer again .
The only bright spot on this has been Loneview who has fixed all problems so far and even piked up and dropped off the moterhome when I was at work.
I wander what Golfstream is going to do when the warranty is up and the nightmare continues?
Golfstream has managed to turn a relaxing pastime into a stressful nightmare.

Charles L. Downer
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RE: GulfStream Ultra Super C

hi, i bought a gulf stream endura on a international chassis in jan. and the only issue was a leaky compartment. we love the coach. its hard to beleive so many aspect of your coach are going bad

DL Rupper

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Re: GulfStream Ultra Super C

It seems to my feeble brain that more things go wrong with motorhomes (A and C's) than with trailers. Most of the fix/tech and Action lines in the RV magazines as well as forum posts concern problems with Motorhomes. I know this will generate lots of denials with the Motorhome owners, but most of the questions in the Towable forum concerns "can I tow a super size 5th wheel or TT with my 1/2 ton pick-me-up or small SUV. :bleh: :eek: ;) Just my observation.