gvw of a travel star 23srg

Hi, i am about to buy a travel star 23srg 2005 and wanted to know the gvw of that vehicle, and if it a good idea to go a little over your towing capacity. I am planning to pull it with a kia sorento.
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You need to get inside the trailer and find the UVW on the label that is usually in the kitchen cabinets. That is the Unit Vehicle Weight or the empty weight as it left the factory.

The GVWR will also be on that label. That it the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. That is what the trailer is capable of weighing based on the axles and tires.

I don't know what your Kia can tow, but it should be in the owners manual. Don't get too close to that rating. Remember pulling a trailer is only 1/2 the battle, you also have to stop the trailer.

On top of the UVW, you will need to factor the weight of water, LP, food, clothes, chairs, etc. Usually 500lb will cover it except for the water.

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Re: gvw of a travel star 23srg

I wouldn't go over the towing capacity, especially with the Kia. I'm assuming it is a V-6. The hills tend to slow you down and as Kenneth said. "You still have to stop".


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If you go to www.trailerboats.com there you find and easy to use towing guide. Trailerlife.com and campinglife.com are good as well. Just enter the information on you KIA and there is your towrating ((dislaimer and no liability of course))