had a interesting weekend

well i went to lebanon tennessee thursday night for a car show that lasted all weekend and 1 hour outside of lebanon had a tire blow out on my rv. it was the right front tire and i had my trailer behind me. it was definately interesting, rv shot way to the left i went onto the brakes and the rim just slid on the rubber from the tire so the rim was saved thank god. got the rv and trailer safely on the side of the road. i called road side service, 15-20 mins later after my call at 12:20 they arrived and i told the guy my spare tire had a plug in it. well that was flat so i limped to this guys shop after he put the spare on once he got it filled with air got 2 new front tires put on and was done by 3a.m. i called it a night and finished my ride the next day. attached is a pic of the tire after the blow out. i guess its time for new rears as well.


C Nash

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had a interesting weekend

Glad to hear you survived Jkill. Think I remember earlier post where you were pricing tires. Always go with the gut feeling. remember stay off brakes if possible with blowouts (jmo). How did the car show turn out? Get those rear. Not worth risking your and others life let along that show truck.
had a interesting weekend

yea cnash im getting prices as we speak daily. and actually with staying on the brake it saved my rim cause the piece of rubbing that was flapping got lodged underneath the tire and just skidded on that rubber. the show was great the truck i was towing in my trailer behind my motor home took 1st in its class. i was so psyched