Hail damage on my 5th wheel


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I got some hail damage on my 5th wheel during the summer. Guess it wasn't just a bit. The insurance adjuster is saying 100% on all the exterior metal siding, they are paying to have it all replaced. I'm taking it into my dealer this weekend. He will be working on it during the winter. I have a 1995 Jayco Eagle 303RK.

I was just wondering what to expect with the new siding. He says they order everything right from the Jayco factory, including striping, decals, stickers, etc. So I'm assuming its going to be just like brand new when its done?

Anything to watch out for, or to mention to the dealer when I take it in? He's going to inspect the roof too (rubber roof), just to make sure there's no vents cracked (which I think one is), or other damage that the adjusters didnt see.

Thanks for any replies

2002 F350 XLT Crew Cab 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel
1995 Jayco Eagle 303RK 5th Wheel


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Hail damage on my 5th wheel

My father-in-law had a class C motorhome that went thru a hail storm. He had to have the entire rubber roof replaced. I would check the roof very carefully, although in my father-in-law's case the damage was obvious. Good luck.