Hanging a dirt bike

Ihave a SunnyBrook 2750 fifth wheel. I would like to put my Yamaha xt350 on the back of the camper. I have a receiver mounted on each of the frame rails that now support a receiver for my bicycles. I want to get one of those hitch mounted motorcycle carriers so I can take my bike with me. Has anyone done this before? The bike weighs 260lbs. Is the camper frame strong enough to carry this weight over the road?

Thanks for the help


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Hanging a dirt bike

Hi Thumbs, have you considered some type of trailer. You could put your dirt bike and other bikes on it or in it depending on type of trailer.
Hanging a dirt bike

No I can't. It's a fifth wheel and I can't pull a trailer with a trailer around here. I think in some states you can. No I have to mount it either on the back of the fifth wheel or maybe on the front of the truck.