hanging pictures magnetically


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I am the manufacturer of Magically Magnetic Photo and Picture Frames. These frames are made like a pocket, sealed on three sides and open on one to allow a photo to be inserted behind the crystal clear, flexible, vinyl front surface. The entire back of the frame is sheet magnet that will stick like crazy to any steel surface like the front of your camper's refrigerator door or the stove hood.

I make another material similar to the sheet magnet that I call Magna-Mount. Magnets stick to Magna-Mounts like they stick to steel. The Magna-Mount sheets have self-adhesive backs and can be adheared to and clean dry syrface and my magnetic frames stick to them. The frames will stay where you put them on a steel surface or my Magna-Mounts while the camper is in motion.

I also make an additive that can be added to any paint that will make the paint and the wall it is painted on magnetically attractive. My frames can now be displayed magnetically on any type of wall, even sheet-rock.

All these products and more are available at www.lyt.com with free shipping on minimum orders.

What better way could there be to take the grand kid's pictures and photos along on vacation?

Sincerely yours,
David B. Lytle