Has anyone ever put a Hitch on back of trailer for

[a-campin-we-go] I have a bike rack that I put on the back of my truck when we take out bikes on short trips, I was thinking that maybe I could put a hitch on the back of my trailer to haul the bikes when camping. I know my trailer does not have an aluminum bumper, I&#039ve heard that these aren&#039t strong enough. I also have a spare tire on the back. Any suggestions from someone who has done this? Can I just buy a regular hitch?
Has anyone ever put a Hitch on back of trailer for

[Vern M.] I believe the reason there aren&#039t more hitches on the back of trailers is that the manufacturers caution in their owners manuals that the rear bumper/hose holder isn&#039t strong enough to accept any more load. Also, it will affect the balance of your trailer on the hitch. Big weight in the back means less weight on the hitch and possible handling problems.

Vern M.
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Has anyone ever put a Hitch on back of trailer for

[Gary B] I have seen quite a few set ups like your asking about, you will probaly have to go to a shop and have mounts fabricated that would attach to your trailer frame, but I have also seen then attached directly to the 4&#039 square bumber. Happy trails GB
Has anyone ever put a Hitch on back of trailer for

[Teresa] a-campin-we-go

We have a bike rack (holds 4 bikes) that slides into my hitch and then accepts the receiver with the ball to tow our boat (in your case your camping trailer). Some of the bike racks insert into the receiver & thats it but ours allows you to tow also. I think we paid close to $300 for it - Very very heavy duty.

What area are you in. I live in West Virginia. I have just advertised our Bike rack and our 2 mountain bikes. We paid for our bikes alone $400.00 not to mention the $300 for the bike rack and the bike have only been ridden twice in the past 2 years (still has the new stuff on the tires). We are selling all for $300.00. We just do not use them and need the room in our garage. If you live near WV & would like to see pics - I can email you. The ad does not come out for 1 week.

Has anyone ever put a Hitch on back of trailer for

[a-campin-we-go] We live in Michigan. Thanks anyway, we have just purchased new bikes last year. We ride them alot when camping and just around home. I have seen the bike rack that you are talking about, not sure if that is the type we would want. Anyway I just got a new 4 bike rack for Christmas that slides onto the hitch of my Tahoe when I take my girls somewhere besides home to ride their bikes. We have a great Rail-to-Trail that we ride on. If you are not familer with them, it used to be an old railroad track that has been paved over and turned into a bike trail. Many people also use them for walking and rollerblading. Great fun & excerise!

Thanks for the offer, anyway.