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:blush: We just talked to friends in Denver and I think we're gonna go visit. We'll pick up I 20 in the Dallas area and then keep heading west. Anybody got suggestions. Oops, Darling we'll have to stop at the steak house in Amarillo. I want to drive no more than 5-6 hrs per day and don't won't to be gone more than 3-4 weeks.....my gosh I'm starting to love this retirement life.:)
Will probably leave Friday...........................
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You better head NW to Wichita Falls if yer goin' to Amarillo, Jim! :)

There's a couple of good parks in Amarillo. That's a good drive from Elkhart.

Then go a little west on I-40 to US-385N to Dalhart. A little past TX-1061 you'll be at the Cal Farley Boy's Ranch. There's a long story there, and you could take a tour.

You'll be in Tascosa County. Lots of Texas history around there, too.

You pick up US-87N at Dalhart and go on to the NM border just past Texline. History, history and lots of history.

At Clayton NM, you get to travel the Santa Fe Trail (there are old volcanos on both sides of the road) and stay on US-87 all the way to I-25N at Raton NM; the Raton Pass. (Need I say "history!")

I believe there's a place to stay at Raton.

Good roads and good luck.
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Thks Tex. I've not spent much time in the panhandle. We're in no hurry and any suggestions would be appreciated. Of course Cal farley's, that might be a great stop. we've only done this trip once and it was straight thru from Vegas....couldn't afford to stop ifnin you get my drift. what about the parks in Amarillo.? We want to either go thru New Mexico going or coming back...however, we are taking our passports in case we end up in Canada.
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There's two parks there around that steakhouse. One is kind of next door (or close.) One is on the other side of the freeway.

When you get up to Dalhart, you're in XIT Ranch country. That started out as 3 million acres. It was the payoff for the syndicate/contractor to build our state capital in Austin. $1 / acre.

Eventually was cut up and sold off.


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Tex there is still signs showing that ranch as the XIT. Yea that ranch goes on and on and on and on. LOL A couple of years ago I went that route going east from Utah thru Colorado where I met up with some friends. Anyway that ranch must of had a dozen different entrances and an airport of its own and so on. So if they sold it off someone forgot to change the signs LOL. That route is a good one Jim, but........... last time I took it the wind was a constant and bout drove me to quit my trip.

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Hey Jim, have a good one. The wind coming West on I-80 was bad hope it's better down South. We lost about 2 miles/gal all the way out to WY due to the wind.