header flange bolts

I have headers on my chvy 454 and the bolts that connect them to exaust pipes keep getting loose and burning gasket. I have to try and remember to crawl under and tighten them after a trip. Any suggestions would be appreciated........thank you


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header flange bolts

Do you have headers or the stock cast iron manifolds? If headers, who made them, Thorley, Gibson, Banks or? Do the nuts actually get loose or is it just that the gaskets start to leak? If the nuts are actually coming loose, I've never heard of that but if it is just a leak developing then it may be that you need new gaskets and or manifolds. A leak can make a cut into the seat to where it can not be tightened enough to keep it from leaking.
header flange bolts

Thanks for the responce from both of you. Yes they are headers but unknown brand and be honest not sure if they have lock washers or lock nuts. Which would be the best and would I get a better seal if I doubled up and put 2 gaskets on each side?
header flange bolts

Never use lock washers on exaust. The heat takes the tennison away and they losen up. Use lock nuts but not the plastic insert ones. They will melt. One gasket should do it. Also, fine thread if you can get them. Good luck.
header flange bolts

Alrighty sounds like the same problem we have with some of our equipment at the plant.

Go to internet belleville spring washers is what you wantthey have several varieties including the type for hot service.

these washers actually look like a regular washer that has a cup in it, they work