heading out again



well i'm off again for the beach of SC ,, collected the money from the first hay harvest and now ,, off again (the help got paid),,,

Well anyway had a great time all except for sitting out tropical storm Barry..

But anyway see ya


DL Rupper

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Re: heading out again

Ley us know how the camping is in SC. I plan on heading that way this fall. Any recomendations on good campgrounds will be appreciated. :cool:


Re: heading out again

well when i was out there a feww weeks ago it was great..
Bty the place i stay at is Ocean Lakes Rv resort... U can ck them out on the web
It's kinda expensive (at least during the peak season)
Do u own a golf cart???
If so u'll love Ocean lakes they live on golf cart shows and cruising them...
Bty the glof cart has to be electric :disapprove:
But anyway the sight is great only a few steps from the beach,, and they have full hookups ,, most with concreat pads,, if u get lucky enough to get one
well anyway i'm gonna be off sooon be in touch form the beach with free wi fi...
OOPs forgot to mention they have wi fi for free there also...
Hope this sight is fun for u ,, it's always great for us. :) :) :)