Heads up on Clamp-On Mounting brackets for fog lights/driving lights...


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I came across this web-site that is selling the clamp-on mounting Brackets that fit onto the old metal bumpers that have disappeared out of the retail market in the late 70's. I have been hunting for these bracket for years, and I just found them this week. SO, I am posting the information for you RVers who might be looking for this item. They clamp onto your metal bumper without drilling and you can use them with fog lights or driving lights.

They are "Peterson 520-09 Nightwatcher clamp-on mounting brackets".
found them on web-site: http://www.foxtaillights.com

This is just a heads up for people like me that do not want to drill into their vehicle, but would like to put fog lights on their RV. I have an RV which has the older metal bumper, that can not be drilled for a vertical mount. These make it possible for me to have fog light on my 1976 Dodge Cobra.

Hopefully, this posting will make someone else happy to hear about this item.