Heads-up: Trailer Life CD-ROM Campground Finder

[Will] Recently installed & ran this program on Win 95 desktop & Win 98 laptop. Seems to run ok on Win 98, but made Win 95 computer lockup when exiting the pgm. Called Tech Spt & they sent me to website (chicagomap.com) for a patch for this known problem. Downloaded & installed patch on Win 95 desktop. Fixed the exit lockup, but made entire campground progam inop. "Minor problem". Now I cannot contact Tech Spt--no answer. Anyone else have this glitch w/Win 95? Already tried the uninstall/reinstall trick w/no luck.
Heads-up: Trailer Life CD-ROM Campground Finder

[Gary B] Hi Will, I puchased the CD a couple of years ago, could never make it work, got very disgusted, couldn&#039t take it back to Wal-mart, so called Godd Sam, they finally said I could send it back but of course I never got around to it. I tried to reinstall once after that still no go, thought it to be a peice of junk Happy trails GB
Heads-up: Trailer Life CD-ROM Campground Finder

[john2000] I bought one first year and it worked fine. Good Sam had problems with some of them and so they sent me another, it too worked fine. I prefer the book though.