Health Insurance

We want to go Fulltimeing, but we are not old enough to
retire with health care benfits. Can anyone direct me to
some inexpensive health care plans ?


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Health Insurance

Look for coverage through any group that you might belong to. Try places like the AARP, or the RV clubs. Another possibiliity might be to continue your coverage from your employer via the COBRA program.

Good travelin~! ..................Kirk

Good travelin! ......Kirk
Health Insurance

In addition to Kirks recommendations, any insurance agency that handles personal insurance (live, medical) in addition to auto should be able to search several carriers that offer health; also, Escapees has a program I believe. Bad news is, there probably ain't no inexpensive health coverage ---- but, by playing with deductables, coverages, etc. you should be able to come up with something you can live with (pun accidental!). Good luck.
Wes C.

Wes C.
Health Insurance

I have answered this one before but here goes.
There is no such thing as inexpensive health insurance. My wife and I are up to 5000 a year and that is with 1000 deductable and an 80/20 policy with Blue Cross. It goes up about 10-15 percent each year. I doubt that COBRA will be very cheap and you may have an HMO you cause you problems if you go outside there area or state. If either of you are Vets, you should give that a looksee. But Lots of luck.