Heat exhaust on wrong side


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We currently have a 35’ 1991 Sierra trailer with a single slide out for the couch. On the front side where the doors are we have a 10’ by 20’ enclosed room. We are looking for a new trailer approximately the same length but with a double slide out and possibly a slide out on the same side for the back bedroom, but we could live without that. I just started looking and have come across a problem I never thought of. The hot water tank and the furnace exhaust on these trailers’s are on the same side as the door. We will need the hot water tank and the furnace exhaust to be on the side of the slide outs. Does anyone know of an trailer that would fit our needs? Thank you!


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Re: Heat exhaust on wrong side

A word of caution -- I recently received a Gulfstream Innsbruck 36FRS with front queen (see my post in this forum for more details). This particular unit is not easy to see on a lot and I actually drove to Morehead City, NC (I live close to Charlottesville, VA) to see one before I ordered mine from GTS. The unit I saw had the outside shower located between the two slides. I didn't pay attention to where the exhaust vents were but was initially disappointed to find the outdoor shower on mine to be on the door side of the camper. The lesson I learned from this is that manufacturers must move this stuff around as THEY see fit. If you see a picture or even an actual trailer that is what you are looking for but decide to order...confirm where the stuff like this will be! The good news is that I have actually figured out a better way to set up an outdoor "wash off station" than I had previously figured out with having the shower between the slides and I LOVE my new park trailer.