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Hi all. Not wanting to bore most so just don't read it, if that is ok. Just thought I'd give you a quick update on my current status with illness (for those of you that know me, of course). In the hospital again since last Monday, but hope to get out within the next couple of days. Can't keep a Marine down for long. They have finally found what they think has been making me sick since last Dec.....some kind of major bacterial infection that I got in Florida last winter that weakens the immune system for those that are already weak (not in the head, ha ha) and makes you real susceptible to many other bugs, which what was happening, like fluid on lungs, etc. Anyway, got to take three antibiotics daily for the next 8-12 months with blood test every six weeks to make sure other organs are not affected (like brain). Anyway, things should be looking up the further I get with this treatment, I hope.
Now, for the good stuff. They will start building our new Sunset Creek tomorrow at the factory up in Northern Indiana. If I wasn't sick, I'd be there to crack the Champagne on it when they finished. Kenneth will pick it up for us, take it to Virginia to GETS, make sure all is great with it and all options are there and hold it for us for a few days (he is so easy to deal with), tail we can make it down to pick it up and take it on down to Florida for the winter (just gonna leave it there and then come back home til I get all the Dr Appts squared away.
Looking so forward to a better winter this year than last.
Anyhow, thanks to all my friends on this forum for your thoughts, prayers and mental help over the last few months, I appreciated them greatly. ;)
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Hey Mike, thanks for the update. Glad they found out what is going on and hopefully this gets you on the mend. Looking forward to meeting you, and Linda, face to face soon.

I will check on your trailer tomorrow and keep you updated.

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Archer, if you just get to where you can't stand it there, just come on down here to Texas. We got a little room left in the south part, I think.

Wishing you well!

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Hi Archer, just got back from Gulf Shores and great news to hear that they have finally figured out your health problems. Now maybe they can get you back up and going. Have to see that new Sunnybrook when you head south this winter. We hope to go down sometimes this winter. better stay out of Texas cause Shadow might turn one of those big rattlers lose and in your weakened condition that would be rough ;) . Wow are the camping sites getting $$$$$ at the beaches. One wanted 71.00 plus the luxury taxes per night. Wound up in Gulf State Park and it was really nice. Ran around 24 a night after discount for full hook up. No shade since Ivan visted and killed all the trees but we had 50amps and could run both acs so was no problem. Bathrooms were real clean. Keep us posted.


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Good news ARCHER, you have had a long enough run with this illness. Enjoy your stay in Florida with the new trailer. And don't let Chelse try to scare Ya out of Texas, you know the ants bite harder then the snakes ;)
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Archer when you get up in years like some of us you can catch some strange bugs. Glad to hear you are doing well.

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Hey Archer, Semper fi! Glad to hear they can't keep a good Marine down. Hope to see your new TT this Winter in Florida. :)