Hello from Dick


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Hi Guys,

Nice little forum exchange you have here. We were referred over by some friends we met up with at a recent gathering here in the south



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Re: Hello from Dick

You can certainly have some fun and learn some interesting things from these forums. I had a roof leak in my slideout ever since I bought my motorhome. The manufacturer wasn't interested even to give me a suggestion as to what to check and the dealer is a joke. The RV industry reminds me of the domestic auto industry of the 70's. Put it out the door and if the wheels fall off then blame it on the workers in the factory. But foreign competition changed all that so maybe in the future someone will introduce a Toyota Motorhome or a Mercedes Benz and the domestic bunch will take notice.

But I explained my problem in the Tech Tips forum and someone sent me information on a tape called Eternabond. A little expensive but it works great. Stickiest stuff I ever got hold of.

Have a good time reading the post.

And enjoy the answers.