Hello! I'm new to RVing


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For the past 8 years, my wife and I have been cruising on our sailboat, Skybird ( http://www.skybirdcruise.com ). We've been from Corpus Christi, TX to Florida, the Keys, the Bahamas and the entire East Coast as far north as Bar Harbor, ME. We're now contemplating the sale of our boat and the eventual purchase of a land yacht to continue our cruising. I'd be interested in talking with anyone who has already made that transition.


Re: Hello! I'm new to RVing

Welcome to our world.

Live in and on the water for years. When you get an rv you will find that you has missed a lot of the old USA.

Don't get in a hurry when traveling (of course you are use to that since having a sail boat.) travel the back roads the old US highways. We use the Interstate system just for covering ground, for the most part we welcome the redlights and small towns. :laugh: