My wife and I just purchased a 2000 Holiday Rambler Endeavour 36'(gas). I had it inspected and found a wisteling type noise when presured is applied to the breaks. I had the person whom I bougth it from, take it to a rv mechanic. he did not find anything wrong with it. can anybody tell me what this noise can be.
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Thank you I was a little nervous sice I am new to this RVing. I had it chaked twice both with THERE IS NOTHING WRONG. My wife and I and three children(5,4,and 2) are planning several small trips this month and next month. Our first is this weekend and a long one in August from Dallas,Texas to Chicago. We love our children and the public in general. we would hate to harm somebody because of faulty brakes and inexperience.
Any advice would be welcomed.


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I just talk to myself while driving to keep from hearing anything :laugh: :laugh: including the wife hahahah, all in fun enjoy it while you can and feel to ask any and all the questions you need to. after all the BS you will get you answer we just love to have fun so join in