HELP 1st time RV - thinking of Georgetown XL by Forest River


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We have been a camping family since our son was very little. We are now ready to graduate up to an RV and have our sights on a 06' Georgetown by Forest River. What little I have seen online it makes me a bit nervous about our decision. We haven't yet signed on the dotted line so we have time to change our plans. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments? I would really appreciate it!!!!! Thanks so much!

Louis Cherry

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Re: HELP 1st time RV - thinking of Georgetown XL by Forest River

The 06 have most of the problems work out.You can't pick a better class A for the money or if you do need help Forest River will do anything to make it right.I have a 04 370XL and have had problems even after the warrenty and Forest River have taken care of then.It has been back to the factory three times for the windshield,this was all in one year Jan. ,July, Oct. of 06 .They picked it up and got it back. We love the coach and have been all over in it.Enough room,good to drive,will toe almost anything[ I pull a 1500 Dodge and have to look every now and then to see if is back there] If I had to buy now it would be a 06 370 SE. :)