Help, ants in my trailer!

[kat] Last year we camped at a site that was apparently on top of an ant hill. So they moved into our trailer. I struggled trying to get rid of them all summer and hoped that the winter cold would kill them. I think they unthawed! I still have some, though I vacuumed up a ton of dead ones. Anyone out there have a suggestion for getting rid of them? They are mostly the big black ones that are hard to kill, and I don&#039t want to use too many poisons because I have 2 small children. But I also don&#039t want to pack all my food in zip locks again this year. Thanks for whatever advice is out there!!!
Help, ants in my trailer!

[Gary R] I would make darn sure that they weren&#039t CARPENTER ants as they can be just as bad as termites and eat anything that is wood. If you haven&#039t gotten rid of them yet I would put a cover over it an set off a couple of those insecticide bombs in it, or call an exterminator. It may be cheaper in the long run to call in one. Hope you get rid of them soon. Good Luck Gary
Help, ants in my trailer!

[Nancy] I agree with Gary, make sure they are not carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are big, black ants and are hard to get rid of. I have a friend who has had them in her house and they are very destructive. To eliminate them, I would call an exterminator.
Help, ants in my trailer!

[Teresa] Kat:

I am not sure how to get them out but I can tell you what we do to keep ants from entering our MH - everytime our MH will be sitting in one spot for an extended amount of time or if we see ants around the campsite - we put comet (the powder cleaner) around anything that is touching the ground (i.e. tires, jacks, etc.) Ants will not cross the comet powder and it will rinse away with rain. During storage of our MH I check often to make sure comet completes a circle around every item that touches the ground.

Our friends last year had the really small ants in their fifth wheel. They could not figure out where they came from until the noticed them travelling up the fifth wheel tripod on the hitch that they use to stabilize the fifth wheel. I told them to put comet around the parts that touched the ground and in just a week they quit seeing them. It stopped them from entering and they were able to kill what was in it.

You can get comet on sale sometimes 3 or 4 for $1.00 - not an expensive preventative but sure save a lot of frustration! I also might ad you do not have to put lots out - just sprinkle around each item touching the ground.

Good luck.
Help, ants in my trailer!

[Ivan] I don&#039t know if this will work. I had ants in my home and were a real nuisance, I then bought a eloctronic varmit control from Sams Club and installed in a electric outlet and the ants were gone! I have the devices going all summer. I am wondering if that will work on your RV, if you plugged it in the electric outlet.
The device makes a sound we can not hear but to the ants it sounds like a sledgehammer!
Try it, it wouldn&#039t hurt.
Thanks, Ivan