Help Brit visitor wants a Class C for 1 year

I am planning to buy a class C RV and drive around North America for one year [ up to Alaska ] before buying a boat in Florida selling the RV and heading down island.

Hear are some of the things I am unsure about.

I think I will need a US driving licence before I can get insurance.

Is there a problem if I buy in one state and sell in another.

Is there a "good time or place" to sell/buy a RV. In the UK there is a big difference between spring and autumn[fall].

Any recomendations on RV type. I am a pretty good "shade tree" mechanic and do not mind an older vehicle.

Are there any older diesel class Cs around.
Help Brit visitor wants a Class C for 1 year

I am a sales manager at one of the largest rv dealerships in the united states. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to what you want to accomplish. Please contact me at 1-800-284-4878 if you think that I can be of assistance. Thanks, Jay
Help Brit visitor wants a Class C for 1 year

Hi Brit Visitor and Welcome to the US! I own a 29' Class C motorhome, and I was a fulltime RVer for 25 years. Now, I sell RV's at one of the country's largest dealerships and would be happy to assist you or give you some honest advice. I truly believe that I am making a living, making a difference. Please, feel free to call me at 800-284-4878 and ask to speak to Leslie! I'm the only Leslie here and I enjoy helping new and experienced RVers.