Help finding my blk and grey water empty valves.


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Hi I'm new at winterizing my 2014 Thunderbolt XLR toy hauler and I can't find the levers to drain each my black water and grey water tanks. I have looked everywhere that I can think of or that I've read. If you have one of these models and this year please help. Thanks 🙏


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Most of the time the Discharge Black and Gray handles are on the Driver's side under the trailer. Remember always when pulling the handles BLACK Sold waste first keep it open then GRAY Tanks as this will help wash out the lines/hose.
Wow been a while Nov 17, 2023. Hope you're not still searching for them lines?


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Winterizing your RV can be a bit tricky, especially finding those drain valves. The drain valves for your black and grey water tanks are typically located underneath the RV, often near the tank itself. Look for low points in the plumbing lines, and you might find them there.

If you have the owner's manual for your 2014 Thunderbolt XLR toy hauler, that would be a great resource. If not, consider reaching out to the manufacturer's customer support or an RV community/forum for specific guidance. People who own the same model often share valuable insights and tips. Safe travels!