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Can anyone help me find the specs for a 1992 "Funtime" 30 foot travel trailer? I found that in 1992 it went from Funtime to Layton, but believe this one is pre-Layton as the plate on the door says "G142544" where all the Layton models start with an "M" for that year. I am trying to see if my 2011 Ford Expedition will pull it and need the gross vehicle weight and tongue weight. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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Typically, you'd find an identification plate on the trailer tongue near the coupler, or in the front storage compartment (if there is one). The same information is frequently found in a sticker located on the inside of one of the interior storage cabinet doors.

I was able to find this through Google:

I checked the 1991 MY, and the three 30 foot models were referred to as 'M-3010A', 'M-3010D', and 'M-3010E'.

Unfortunately, no weights were mentioned.