Help for Frequent Campers

Help for Frequent Campers

Yeah, that's Passport America for you. You really can't go wrong with the $44/year no buy-in investment. We're on our second year with them and are quite happy. It's a nice addition to our RPI and Coast to Coast Memberships. We haven't found a place we want to go to that wasn't covered by at least one of our membership programs.
Help for Frequent Campers

We tried them all over the years and find that with Passport America and Escapees, you can find great inexpensive camping. We really got soured on C2C & RPI as many of their campgrounds treat you like 2nd class citizens if it is not your home. Also, savings get eaten up in gasoline costs as too many of them are too far off the usual routes of travel. :(
Help for Frequent Campers

Well, I think it depends on your needs whether C2C and RPI are worth your while, and a LOT depends on your initial investment into the program.

We found a park that was about $500 to buy in with dues frozen at $99/year. When we were ½-timing it was hard to make it worth the annual dues. But now that we're full-timing, it is easy as pie to recover our costs.

We have never felt like 2nd class citizens at a RPI or C2C park, and we have a junky-looking truck (that has not one computer chip in it, but almost 400,000 miles) and an older travel trailer. We've always been treated with respect and found the other residents VERY nice and sociable. (But, I admit, when you can only stay a week or two at a park, you don't usually find out what people are saying behind your back.)

We've never actually visited our home park. We bought the membership in order to travel less expensively, NOT to sit at one park for REAL cheap.

Yes, we've stayed at parks we that are off the beaten path at times, but some of those parks are just amazing in the amenities they offer, and we've found them way worth the extra distance, and they are usually located somewhere between point A and point B of where we want to go.

The one thing we don't care too much about is the point system of Coast to Coast. It seems like a lot of parks dropped out when the system changed over. We figure we'll give them another year to see what happens with them.