Help for new Motorhome owner


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Hello, I'm not new to RVing, but am (about to be) new to RVing in a Class A motorhome, and could use the help of those who have been RVing in Class A's for a while.

I'm in the process of buying a 2004 Country Coach Inspire 40'. This is a major investment, which will depreciate of course. My questions are:

1) What can I do to keep the depreciation to a minimum? Obviously, recommended maintenance and don't let it sit more than 2 months at a time, but how about any additional maintenance or tricks? Do those 'skin tight' covers provide any significant protection, and if so, are they reasonably easy to install and remove? How long do they last?

2) What differences do I need to keep in mind between this and a 5th wheel (driving and using)?

3) Anyone know anything to watch out for in Country Coaches of this vintage?

4) Anything I need to watch out for with the Allison transmission of this vintage?

5) I get 25% improvement in gas mileage when towing the 5th wheel (Gas pickup) at 55 MPH instead of 75MPH. Will I see comparable savings in the diesel (350HP Cummings) pusher at 55? How long will a tank of diesel last (sitting) before deteriorating or causing problems?


Help for new Motorhome owner

Okie Dokey, I'll try and answer some of your concerns. For one with a 5th wheel you have not worry about a toad cause your driving it. But on the other hand what I like about my class A is the Precious can go and fix us a sandwich, gra a cool drink or run back and powder her nose if she likes. Also when the hids or dogs get cranky they can go and lay down.

As to the mileage thing the same holds true for a diesel as the gas burnners. you have to try at several speeds and find out which is the most economical for the speed you want to get somewhere. On real bong trips 55 to 60 is the max I use but with the price of fuel taken into consideration its worth it. A 500 to 600 mile trip you may add an hour to and hour and a half . But your suppose to be enjoying life in the slow lane right. Also the back roads have a lot better scenery.

With as anything a good pm program oil changes they are just fine. I would recommend that you take a sample of the engine and transmission and have it analyzed. This will tell you the condition of everything to a great extent.

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Help for new Motorhome owner

Keep the exterior washed and waxed and in an enclosed building if possible. I don't care for the cloth, canvas type covers (JMO) Keep tires covered if exposed to sun and replace ever 5 to 7 years. Keep engine serviced and keep records. Keep interior covered and clean. Above all watch for leaks around ceiling and windows. Watch seals on Acs. keep the fuel tank FULL when stored.