Help! Ideas for keeping mice out of generator, and eating gas line over gas tank??


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Leaving m/h plugged in and radio cranked (rural area) has worked keeping mice out of cabin and storage compartments, BUT, this is the third time I've had to have it towed to a shop because they nested over the gas tank and chewed thru the flexible hose connection, and also filled my generator with nesting stuff. Short of chaining a bunch of feral cats (or mountain lions) to all three axles, does anyone have any ideas/suggestions??I
I've tried the urine and hot pepper products, Irish spring (they eat the shavings), dryer sheets (makes good, warm nesting materials), all to no avail.


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Oh, this is a common problem in rural areas. I would also advise you to build a metal shed, I personally did so and the problem with mice resolved by itself. I had metal sheets, I used a fiber laser cutting machine to smoothly and effortlessly cut metal and bolted it in some places by welding.