Help me plan a trip


Before I decide to take the plunge and buy an RV, I am going to rent in June. I&#039ll be packing my wife and 2 kids (9 and 3)into the unit and heading west from NE Illinois for 2 weeks. I know that we want to hit SD, CA and AZ, but don&#039t know what to do and where to stop in-between. Anyone make a similar trip in the past or have ideas of "neat" things to see and do with young kids? I would greatly appreciate your input, you can email to me at
BTW, I own and if there are any folks in need of boat repair or maintenance help, please send me an email so that I might reciprocate the favor. :).
Help me plan a trip

[Rod Wise] I-90 @ Murdo,SD is a junkie looking museum--but a must see; also a campground behind a motel,just next door. Custer State park, Mt.Rushmore,Crazy Horse monument being made,Silver Fish, and a lot more in SD. Good Luck
Help me plan a trip

[Will] AAA can help plan the road portion; make sure they know size, etc. of your RV. Might be worth joining Good Sam to get help on RV trip planning & campgrounds enroute. Ensure your rental company has adequate insurance, towing, maintenance coverage just in case anything goes wrong...goes wrong...goes wrong. Might also consider camping close to home (or where you rent the rig) for a day or two before the check out the rig and see what additional stuff you&#039ll need. Recommend making reservations summer! I presume you&#039ve driven/towed one before.
Help me plan a trip

[Harry] Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. Yes I have driven one before, but just to and from shows, never for the long haul. I did however spend several years driving a tractor trailer during college and expect it to be similar minus the articulating joint :). I traded the rental company a website for the rental fee...If I go down, so does their web site!!! I&#039m told I will get a brand new rental unit, we shall see. Regardless, having worked selling new boats at my business, I know that new means didly squat other than the oil will be clean. Thanks again for the suggestions.