Help needed - No power to tranmission display

Hi all - I am new here and having a problem with my transmission. My motorhome has been parked for a few months. When I went to start the motorhome the other day the dash panel light up like normal, however, the display for my Allison Transmission was apparetnly not receiving power. When I turned the key to try to start the motorhome nothing happened.

Is there a fuse located somewhere that may be blown? If so, does anyone have any idea where it is located so I can check it? Is there something else wrong? Should I just give up on it and have it towed to the shop?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Help needed - No power to tranmission display

It could be a fuse or relay that isn't any good. Check all your fuses for the chassis, and any relays related to your ignition and transmission cicuits. You should find that information in your manual. Also check your battery power. If it is low your dash lights can look normal but when you turn the key nothing happens.
Help needed - No power to tranmission display

I would look for a dirty connection somewhere. I don't know anything about the Allison but fuses don't typically open just sitting.