help please!! New Freedom Express

Hi I am going crazy trying to find the external cable tv hookup for our new Freedom Express. It is a 31 foot rv and we also had a problem driving it home from the dealership ,,,the slide out....slid out..... why the heck did that happen?????? Anyone can enlighten me I would be sooooo :) :) :) :) Thanks from camprgrl

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Re: help please!! New Freedom Express

Hey camprgrl, welcome to the forum. Sounds like you need to go back to the dealer and have him give you a good walk through on how everything works. They are supposed to check you out on all appliances and show you how everything works. Also he needs to FIX the slide. :(
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Re: help please!! New Freedom Express

It is possible it does not have a cable TV hookup. Or it might be in one of the compartments, most likely the one where the electrical hookup is. Most hook-ups tend to be on the left (driver's) side.

As for the slide, my first RV had a manual slide, and it was held in place with a quarter turn 'crank' lock on the bottom, and a couple of rubber tipped rods shoved between the slide and the wall at the top. If you didn't do this, it would slide in and out freely. If it is a powered slide, check that the 'manual override lock' is not engaged (to allow you to manually bring it in when the powered feature breaks). If it is not engaged, then there is something wrong with the slide; have the dealer fix it.
Re: help please!! New Freedom Express

The cable TV hookup is The cable TV hook up is located on the right hand side in the same compartment as your fresh water /outdoor shower is ..

I just purchased the 2008 Freedom Express 31ss and took it out this past weekend and have the same issue with the slide opening up. The trip home I used the wedge bar and that did help keep the slide in…

I have an appointment this Friday the 16th to take in the RV to have some other things fixed and will ask them about the slide issue… Were you able to get an answer from your dealer ?

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Re: help please!! New Freedom Express

Hey BuzzyOU812, welcome to the forum. Let us know what you find out about the slide. Kind of sounds like a design flaw or a failure of the dealers to instruct new owners on proper procedures in the slide operation/securing.
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I guess I'm a little slow, but I sure didn't know a 2008 would be available right now. Whew!

2008 COACHMEN FREEDOM EXPRESS I'll be durned! Its layed out a lot like my Winnie.
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Slide update: I called the dealer and they had heard nothing of this problem.

I called Coachmen and was very impressed that I was able to speak with a person in the service dept who explained that when closing the slide that it lifts up about 2 inches or so on the bottom and what I am seeing is the slide settling when the slide opens up after moving down the road…. He also explained to me that I should use the “Travel Bar” that was included and position it behind the driver’s seat on the floor in between the outside wall and the lip of the slide….

We asked the service tech as well as the salesperson about the travel bar when we were purchasing the MH and both responses were that it was not needed (NOT TURE) at least for the 31ss.

I am curious as to how far camprgrl’s slide did open during her ride home from the dealer?
Mine was about 2 inches or so open at the bottom when we reached our destination.
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I have an electric slide on my Winnie just like the Freedom Express. I don't have any "settling" open or closed. It doesn't move at all when closed.