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I am looking to buy my first travel trailer. I have limitations in that I have an Avalanche truck that can only pull 8,000 lbs and I like the double slide out trailers. I would like to find something with a max of 5700 lbs with a double slide out but thats hard to find. People tell me if they have a double slide out and only weighs 5500 lbs, then the quality of the product is not good.

I have so many people telling me so many things, I am really confused. I did find an RV called StreamLite which is a 29 ft trailer with a double slide for 5900 lbs.

My questions are:
1. Is 5900 lbs too big to pull for my truck?
2. Does anyone know what the quality of this trailer is like?


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Re: Help to purchase an RV

We sell the StreamLite. It is by Gulf Stream and it is a great trailer. I have a customer towing a 29' with a Toyota Takoma.

I can get you one if you like.


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Re: Help to purchase an RV

We handle that line also ( in Iowa ) but they dont have a double slide out in the Streamlite, the Emerald Bay and Gulf Breeze do, all of these unit are made by Gulf Stream and are a very good unit for the money.... not for sure what floor plan your looking at but are you looking for a unit with two separate slide outs or one super slide out ?

here are a few to take a look at Gulf Breeze 28trs quad-bunk 30'10'' around 5000 pounds
Gulf Breeze 29bhs super slide and bunk slide out 6000 pounds

they do have 2 new floor plans that are out with the front q-bed, dinette and sofa in one mega slide out
with french doors to block off the bed room

give us some info on the floor plan that your looking for and we can help you with finding it and what a good price will be for it



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Re: Help to purchase an RV

I bought a Gulfstream Innsbruck from GTS and have been thrilled with the support I have gotten from him.

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Re: Help to purchase an RV

I think the trailer you are talking about is the 29BHS. Brouchure weight is 5,980. This trailer does have TWO slideouts. One super slide and one bunk slideout room. The overall length is 33' 8".

The Streamlite and Gulf Breeze are the same trailer, just different decals on the outside. Even though the website shows different, the Emerald Bay is supposed to be the same also. All the same floorplans, all the same options, just different decals. They have not updated the website, but that is what I was told from my salesman. Go to:, and see for yourself.

If you need any more information, I will be glad to help.