Help Vinyl roof coating?


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I have a '99 Trail Lite by R-Vision. Literature says it has a vinyl roof (Dura Shell). Last time I had it in for repair the tech mentioned I need to seal my roof. I cannot find a product for coating a vinyl roof. Only EPDM and TPO. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is a vinyl roof considered TPO?
Any help is appreciated.

C Nash

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Did the Tech mean just seems needed sealed? Never heard of a vinyl roof top. Ae you sure the literature dont mean the inside ceiling? Welcome to the forum

Isabella John

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Liquid Roof RV by EPDMCoatings is a true EPDM rubber and therefore could be described as a liquid version of EPDM membrane that has established an outstanding performance record for over 26-Years. It works like a shield between water and roof. This quality could not be challenged by any other coating.